Monday, January 21, 2013

Small Farm, Big Farm Boy

Description: Just because you're large, doesn't mean you want to be in charge.
High schooler Alex Johnson suddenly finds himself a muscle teen titan, thanks to a strange genetic treatment his late father gave him to save his life as an infant. As a shy, often awkward young man with Aspergers, can he adjust to now being the biggest, strongest man alive? Perhaps ever? Fortunately, Alex has a hot new boyfriend to stand by him as he tries to navigate quickly changing relationships with his friends. What Alex and Ryan don't know is that their lives are about to take an ominous turn. Will Alex be able to take the bull by the horns?

Author: U.M. Lassiter
Release Date: I could not locate this infomation. 
Publisher: Extasy Books
Pages: 137
Source: Provided with a free copy by Publisher in exchange for an honest review. Get your copy here.
Reading Level: Young Adult -has bad language and deals with a gay couple

Teaser Sentence: '"That's because the apparatus itself weighs almost five hundred pounds," Bob said. "You were lifting twenty-five hundred pounds."

My Thoughts: When I started reading this book I didn't realize it was book 2 in a series. It wasn't hard to figure out what was going on though. The author did a good job at briefly touching on what happened in book 1. The characters were a little plain, but they all seemed to fit together well. Ryan is such a nice boyfriend, and I think the relationship between him and Alex is perfect. I like that I wasn't able to predict what was going to happen next. I didn't like that every time something major happened it was resolved quickly and without many problems. It would have made it that much more interesting if Alex would have had to put some thought into problem solving instead of just using his height or strength. All in all it wasn't a bad read.



  1. What a crazy title! Okay, first I saw the pecs. Then, the cow.

  2. Great reviews. I found you on Goodreads Group, look forward to following