About Me

  Hello, my name is Sycho Faerie and you have stumbled upon my blog! 

  So let's see, I am 30 years old. I live in Mississippi, where nothing exciting ever happens-ever. I have been married to my awesome husband for 9 years and we have one son together. 
  I love cats. We currently have 2 as pets. Midna (after a character from Zelda: Twilight Princess) and Betelgeuse (named after a star from the Orion constellation).  I am a Star Wars nerd (yes, those are light saber earrings I am wearing in that picture). I am also obsessed with Doctor Who. I love space and astrophysics, and one day wish to own a nice telescope that I can see nebulae with. 
  I work as a stay at home mom during the week, and bartend on the weekends. I love mixology. I am thankful for a career that makes decent money, is fun and leaves me time to be with family. (Always tip your bartender, they work hard for you to have a good time!) 
  When my son started school a few years ago I was left with a lot of extra alone time on my hands. So, after years of reading physics books I picked up a good old paranormal novel and fell in love with the genre. Now I can't get enough and spend most all my free moments with my nose in a book. I decided to start this blog mostly so I could keep up with the books I am reading. I read so many series that some times I can't remember which events take place in which books. This is my way of keeping them separate in my mind. If I write something about it it's easier for me to remember. That being said, not everything I review here will be a new release. I do read a lot of new releases and ARCs, so there will be new content around. But do not be surprised if you see a review for a book written in the 1980's pops up. You just never know what I might get the notion to read. 


  1. Hi Sycho,
    I'm Carmen Stefanescu from:
    Thank you for joining my page! As you see I returned the favor.
    I live in Romania, better known as Dracula's country. I am a teacher of English and German in my own town and country.

    Glad you added my book on your TBR list. I think it fits perfectly for the letter S in books to be read this year.
    I love cats, too, as you've seen on my blog page. We have 7 cats and 1 dog.
    Here's my address if you want to keep in touch. I am writing here as my mails very often are found by my friends in the Spam folder,

    If you have some free time and you'd like to read and review my book I could send you a PDF copy right away. Just write me an email or on my blog.
    Best regards,

  2. hey Sycho!

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    we like alot of the same books and I would love to talk about them with u sometime!


  3. Sycho, Hello!
    Thanks for the invitation to visit your blog. I am now happily following. You can visit my blog at http://jenniferthompsonbooks.blogspot.com to see what you think. I would never turn down a follow back. :-) Now that you've put yourself out there---watch out! We are all going to vie for your attention. :-) I have a new novel out called, THE SCENT OF A SOUL. You can view the trailer on my blog, and if it seems like a right fit, and you are interested, I'd love it if you read and reviewed it. I could shoot the PDF over to you. Let me know what you think. My email is theunexpectedpath@gmail.com. Thanks a million, and have a great one!

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    Hope to hear fro you again. Expect to drop by anytime and read more of your updates.

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