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Sweet Oblivion (Sweet #1)

Sweet Oblivion
(Sweet #1)
Bailey Ardisone

Release Date:
December 30, 2012



My Personal Copy
(Kindle Freebie)

Reading Level:
Young Adult

 Nariella has a hard life. Hated and beaten by her foster father, she finds solace in the one person who has always been there for her--Rydan, her overprotective best friend. His sheltering only gets worse once Nari collides--literally--with Mycah. a boy being chased by two kinds of evil; a boy who Nari is convinced is either the devil or an angel. But she was wrong. He's something completely different.
 Then there's Namine. A servant who lives in fear for her family, for herself, and for the dying kingdom she lives in. But there is hope, and she's the only one who can bring that hope home to save them all. Namine will risk everything to make that happen, even if it means betraying her king.
People always want the truth until they have it. To be let in on secrets until they get burned by them. Nari is no different. But once she's kidnapped, tortured, and ultimately becomes intertwined in a secret world she never could've imagined existed. She knows there's no going back to blissful ignorance. And maybe she doesn't want to.
If darkness is the absence of light, what results from the absence of truth?
Nothing but Oblivion.

My Thoughts:
 Sweet Oblivion was an extremely confusing read. At one point I told my husband, 'I am 80% finished with this book, and I haven't a clue what is going on.' Most of the book felt plot less. I couldn't figure out what point the story was trying to make or where it was going. The chapters alternate between two point of views- Nariella and Namine. 
 Nariella is girl who is obviously in the real world. That much is easy to figure out, but she is surrounded by characters you know nothing about. Rydan has been Nariella's friend since childhood, but he is so silent and closed off the only thing you really learn about him is he is very talented with music. Then there is Mycah. He just suddenly starts showing up, and when he leaves no one can even remember he was there. Mycah is a very easy to like character. He has a lot of mystery around him that keeps making you want to turn the pages. 
 The Namine chapters give you very little information to help you figure out the story. It is easy to guess that she is in a fantasy world and not Earth. Other than the not-on-earth thing I had no idea what was happening, or even what the point of these chapters were. 
 Then the last 5% of this book happened. Everything started to make sense, and somewhat fall into place. It really left on a huge cliffhanger, but I loved it! I have not purchased the second book in this series yet, but I do plan to do it when I am able. I really can't wait to find out what is going to happen next. And I think I will understand what is going on better in the next book. The ending had several surprises, and really made the other 95% worth it. Sweet Oblivion was on it way to having a low rating from me, but in the end it was a major turn-around. 

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