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Everdark (Dark Ink Chronicles #2)

Dark Ink Chronicles #2
Elle Jasper

Release Date:
June 7, 2011

Signet Eclipse



Reading Level:

When Savannah tattoo artists Riley Poe is ambushed by an undead enemy, she inherits some of the traits of her attackers-and a telepathic link with a rampaging vampire. Now, she's experiencing murder after murder through the victims' eyes. And her new powers will not be enough to stop the horror-or the unending slaughter. . .

Teaser Sentence(s):
Sitting around a roaring campfire on a Georgia barrier island at night with a handful of centuries-old vampires, Gullah conjurers, and adolescent boys with vampiric tendencies made for a way more interesting crowd than any other I'd ever hung with in my wild teenage years, or in my adult years, truth be known. No lie- it was surreal. Bizarre. Oh, and Zetty-can't forget the big Tibetan.

My Thoughts:
Now, bad-ass Riley Poe has vampiric tendencies and is, somehow, even more bad-ass.
Riley is one of my favorite main characters. She is very independent, and doesn't need a man to protect her, even before she had 2 ancient vampires out to get her blood. Eli is a bit too overprotective of her in my opinion. I often find myself wishing he would back off some. 
After everything that happened in book 1, Afterlight, I was thrilled to get to know Seth a little better. Seth also now has vampiric tendencies, and is just as bad-ass as his sister, Riley, when it comes to fighting rouge vampires and newlings. 
I still really liked all of Eli's vampire family, especially his siblings, Phin, Luc and Josie. Luc has a great attitude. He knows Riley can take care of herself, and tries to get Eli to realize that too. Victorian is also a main part of this story. He was made to not seem like such a bad guy in Everdark. I am very curious to see how his story is played out.
Some readers may not enjoy the Gullah accents some of the characters speak with. I am from the South, so reading this comes naturally for me.  I have read a couple reviews where the reader complained of this, so be warned.
I personally enjoy this series. I know vampire stories are everywhere these days, but if you like a good smutty read with not-so-average vampires then you should check this series out. 

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