Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Poll #5

This week there really isn't a follow up from last week since I just wanted to know what your favorite series was. I have moved the Dresden Files and Perfect Chemistry up on my books-to-buy list due to your answers though.

This week I am going back to doing a poll. I want to know what your favorite genre is. As always you have until Friday at 6:00pm to vote. Please take a second and share this post. Thanks and Happy Voting!

What is your favorite genre to read?

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  1. I am your first vote!!
    I hope Mystery/Thriller wins. :)

  2. Hey, Nice Blog..!!

    I've clicked to 'join this site' and follow you. Would really appreciate a click follow back @

    Many thanks and all the best. Look forward to reading.


  3. Man, I keep missing these polls. I have to remember to check! But my favorite did win.